Friday, December 01, 2006

The Entrepreneur's Journal: My Personal Blogging Experience

Throughout my blogging experience I have gained extensive knowledge in how communicative a blog can be. My experience was positive, I learned to develop a solid argument and research the internet for supporting evidence to further prove and establish integrity within my entries. Using graphics was also a tool I developed in supporting my debates. I learned how to use graphics as a visual aide, giving readers a better understanding of my discussion. Although my experience was positive and constructive, I feel my writing could have improved in the form of structure and organization. My entries have successively developed in organization and structure and became increasingly more articulate as the semester progressed. My last blog entry titled, Lloyd Greif: Nomination for 2007 Honorary Degree shows improved organization and structure, and therefore my writing and claims captivate the reader more effectively.

As a business major I consider technology of paramount importance given today’s ever demanding business environment. I have always considered myself proficient pertaining to technology, more specifically the internet, however until now I have never understood the function of a blog and how informative one can become. Through my blogging experience I was able to become comfortable with the “blogosphere” and effectively research fields of interest using the internet. I now understand that the Internet is not just a research tool, it can give one the ability to convey thoughts and findings on a medium that is exposed to billions of people. Through my research on China I have come to understand the laws, politics and different ways that Americans practice business overseas. I have also commented on other blogs, furthering conversations on China’s detrimental manufacturing practices and the laws or lack thereof surrounding Chinese fabrication. The first two blog entries forced me to probe into international business and challenge myself to find new research tools. In the third entry I choose to research a website called This international trade site is a vital tool in that it takes the arduous task of international business and simplifies it into a simple point and click of a mouse. Becoming an expert on this site has familiarized me to the practices and formalities of business in China. I have gained valuable insights through the Entrepreneur’s Journal and will apply the material towards my future endeavors!


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